About Gold Pavers

We’re your first-choice San Diego pavers, with a team of highly skilled local paver installers and workers that are always ready to work on any project. At Gold Pavers, we know how to carry out a pavers installation, by using the latest concrete paving and stamping technology. Mostly, it is the driveways and parking lots that require stone, concrete and Asphalt paving services.

If you’re looking for one of the veteran driveway contractors, we’re the company to trust and rely upon. Our use of high-grade stones, fast-mix concrete, tiles and Asphalt makes a difference in the quality of work. Your driveway looks welcoming to guests after one such concrete & Asphalt paving or resurfacing work.

Our Services

We’re a full service concrete contractor in San Diego, also specializing in various other brick masonry, pavers installation, concrete stamping and Asphalt paving work for home exteriors.

Pavers Installation

concrete pavers installation with tiles, stone & slabs.

Brick Masonry

home masonry solutions with baked & clay fired bricks.

Stone Siding

covering home exteriors with quality stone siding materials.

Stone Masonry

home retaining wall construction by stone masonry work.

Brick Siding

provide added strength & support to home exteriors via brick siding.

Concrete Driveway

paving the entire driveway with high-grade concrete mix.

Stamped Concrete

concrete stamping with bricks & slabs in new design patterns.

Decorative Concrete

creating new driveways with high-quality concrete paving work.

Asphalt Paving

paving the home driveway with quality Asphalt paving material & mix.

Brick Masonry

Our brick masonry is second to none, as we use high-grade clay baked bricks and wood fired bricks that last long, are durable and can withstand the extremes of weather and natural elements. The bricks that we use for general masonry and siding work are very hard and sturdy, as they are clay baked in ovens for hours at a stretch.

At Gold Pavers, we’re experts in stone & brick siding work, by using quality ‘fired’ bricks that are sourced from local vendors and brick kilns that make these strong clay material bricks. And, with our masons and bricklayers, the wall construction or siding work that we do, lasts for years.

Concrete Driveway

We’re one of the premier concrete contractors, indulging in a variety of concrete paving, concrete construction and siding work by using high-grade concrete mix that last for years and generations. We are experts in concrete stamping and concrete driveway construction work that makes an impact on the overall aesthetics of a home.

Call us now, if you’re looking for quality concrete construction work for your home, especially when it comes to transforming the outdoors and landscaping your home. We’re a local city-based paving contractor with a difference!

Our expertise in concrete driveway construction, Asphalt paving, pavers installation and concrete paving work with quality building materials, certainly makes a difference to the overall ambiance and style of your home. This is how we help design and transform homes outdoors.

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